How to write a master’s thesis  successfully?

Only the one who respects his time and his money will write his master’s thesis effectively. Check what it means in practice and where to start.

Ask yourself some important questions

The academic year has begun. Like every last year student you are wondering how to write a master’s thesis, how to go through this last, hard test on the way to the desired master’s degree.

Think about what you would do if you knew it was not that difficult. If you knew how to easily formulate the topic of work, choose literature, collect notes on how to prepare a research chapter, what tools to use. Finally, how to effectively get down to writing a thesis, without having any problems with the computer and editing the text.

Surely you would have more time for pleasure or you would do very prudently and already during the studies, he started looking for a job corresponding to your aspirations. One that will allow you to realize in later life, earn so much that you can easily support yourself, your home, your car. Perhaps you do not want to work full-time and dream of running your own business. However, the key to all this is TIME. If you had more time, you could do all this. You could analyze all pros and cons and make a conscious, right decision.

Meanwhile, you are facing the last obstacle: writing and defending the thesis. I do not think I need to convince anyone that this is important for your later career. The title means better job offers, higher earnings, and (perhaps above all) greater prestige. No Mr. Kowalski, without education, will speak to you as “You”. You want to address ‘master’ or ‘master’.

Returning, however, to the essence, or writing a master’s thesis, you could, like colleagues, use the trial and error method. Rely on the learned tips and as a result, do not be sure about anything. The truth is that often the promoter does not even know the answer to your questions.

Have you already noticed what you are missing? You’re losing TIME. Is the price too high? What if you could gain some time? What would you do with it? Would you look for a job, set up your own company? Maybe you would go to a refresher course to gain new skills. Or you would use this time for contacts with friends. I do not doubt you would like to learn the trick of how to do it all. If you’re curious, read on.

The most common mistakes you make

People who write a Master’s thesis do not often have time for the actions mentioned earlier, because they make a series of very simple mistakes that we can avoid if we know how. So what are the mistakes?

The most common mistake is to postpone everything to the last minute. You are aware that you have to do it, but instead of sitting down and going about it, you’re taking everything else. Awareness that writing a master’s thesis is waiting for you, paradoxically paralyzes you in the implementation of other tasks.

When you finally manage to mobilize and sit in front of the monitor, it turns out that you do not know what to write, but also how. I am looking for hours on the Internet, wondering what a given thing is going to look like, maybe even asking friends who are just as confused as you are.

All this means that you are again discouraged from writing your master’s thesis and you leave this – as you think – unpleasant duty on “a”. This is not a good way. Ask yourself: would not it be better to answer in advance? Do not waste time unnecessarily for fruitless consultations? One can always ask the promoter, but I guarantee that you will not ask him about everything that is necessary, and constantly going to the university, looking for his guardian and inducing him to answer, which he reluctantly gives, is not pleasant at all. You’re wasting your time and money. Yes, it’s money! Money for travel, money that you could earn while you are looking for answers, which are usually very easy, you just need to know what to reach for.

A simple trick

So what is the simple trick that saves you time and money? Well, the simplest and most effective method is to choose the right book about writing a diploma thesis. The truth, what is obvious? You can believe me that you will write it as soon as possible. All it takes is a small effort to find the right passage in the text and dispel any doubts.

Many such help has been written. Some more successful, others less. I suggest you reach for one of the better books in this genre. We are talking about the textbook of Alicja Kaszyńska, bestseller titled “How to write, rewrite and successfully defend your diploma or master thesis?”. This item is also available in the form of a convenient ebook, which means that you can have it in a short time from the order. Is it good? I could persuade you for a long time, but it’s best to write a sentence based on the opinions of people who have already used it:

“I think that such desperate people as me who do not know how to get started writing this book indicate a specific plan – how to start working and lead to the longed-for defense.”

“Book, How to write, transcribe and successfully defend a diploma or master thesis” is an extremely useful compendium of knowledge in the field of creating an original, correct and interesting master’s thesis. For me, the great advantage of this publication is: a step-by-step presentation of tasks that should be done, writing a work and pictorial examples from various fields. As I am writing one master’s thesis, and one more is waiting for me, I think that the tips in the book will be very useful to me and I recommend this book to all those who write, both those who do not know where to start and the more advanced ! “

“A great book, very nice written, understandable for everyone. A lot of interesting hints and ideas. A sack guide can also be useful. I would highly recommend”

“A really helpful book! I’m just writing my master’s and thesis at the same time, because I’m studying in two directions and I had no idea how to go about it because I never did it, I can only regret that this book came so late in my hands because I would know how important it is to choose the right a promoter who will help me believe, however, that with this book I will defend myself with success 🙂 “

“Thanks to reading, How-to-write-rewrite-and-successful-obronic-diploma work” I could easily write my master’s thesis without thinking about every detail. This is a very helpful book and I recommend it to every person who has to struggle with writing both bachelor and master work !!! “

“The book is very helpful when writing a master’s thesis, with this publication it seems to be easy, and it really is. It contains practical information on how to create a work plan, what to look for when choosing a topic for a job and a supervisor, how to deal with notes. What I liked about it is that it clearly and clearly presents the details, i.e. footnotes, quotes. I highly recommend and good luck when writing. “

“Work written very specifically, the most important for me are the details of the type of quotes, footnotes, how to mark them, how it should look in its entirety, how to arrange individual chapters, which is the most important and above all written in a very accessible language”

“I am just getting ready to write a thesis and I do not regret the purchase. in this book is probably all that is useful to me, and what the promoter does not want to say at all. And a nice replay of styles in Word. I recommend !!! “

“Is amazing. Without him, I did not know where to start, and now I have almost half the work behind me. It’s worth having it at hand! “

Contents of the book

The position “How to write, rewrite and successfully defend a diploma or master thesis?” Consists of four main sections:

And We make decisions

  1. We begin to write

III How to deal with a computer version of work

  1. Assessment of work and its defense

What can be found in them important for them? Well, quite a lot. In Part I, this will include, for example, information on:

– promoter selection;

– choosing a topic for the job;

– decide whether to choose a descriptive or research job;

– how to effectively take notes, so as not to get lost in all this.

Part II contains a description of the essence of the master’s thesis. Here, the author discusses:

– how to write an introduction;

– how chapters should look like;

– how to make footnotes;

– how to write a research chapter;

– how the questionnaire is built;

– how to analyze the test results;

– what the ending should look like;

– how to write a bibliography, an annex, and also censuses.

Part III contains practical advice related to the physical performance of the master’s thesis. The author advises on how to effectively use Word to make the task of the student simple and pleasant.

In part IV there is a discussion of how the master’s thesis is assessed and how its defense looks like.