How to write a master thesis? Instructions with a grain of salt

If you are a student of the last year, then perhaps this instruction will prove useless to you, because you already have the appropriate experience and a solid portion of knowledge that your older colleagues have given you. However, it will be used by younger students who still have the famous “last year”. So how do you finish your studies and not get enough of a neurosis? A difficult question, but we will help you find a solution!

The last year of studies is reportedly the worst period in a person’s life. It is safe to say that your entire world is quickly and relentlessly ending. The idyll of student life also ends, because bad people take away all the discounts and begin to have high expectations towards us. However, before the student’s idyll is completely finished, we only have to do one more thing – to get a master’s degree, because that’s what it’s all about, right?

In pursuit of the master’s degree …

The desired “Master of Science” before your name will look extremely dignified. You certainly remember perfectly how parents often repeated (like a mantra) that joining the elite club of Masters is a great gratification and social advancement. To be honest, all these years, the walls of this elite club crumbled heavily, the roof began to leak and millions of clubbers sit in the middle. Unfortunately, the club is not as elitist as it was a dozen or so years ago. Well, but the word said: we will get a master’s degree!

The path to winning this title, however, is long and strewn with many traps, which it is very easy to fall into. Student, you do not have to be afraid of meeting the mythical Cerberus or Kraken who are just waiting for your every mistake. The biggest danger is … to get a master’s degree and not go crazy!

The road is long before you, but you have several options to defeat her. Which one will you choose?

12 months before the defense of the master’s thesis

“Master thesis? I’ve already written a thesis! “,” Everyone wrote a master’s thesis, so why should I not do it? “,” I write without a problem in a month or even two weeks! “. How many times have you heard or said similar words yourself? Well, time seems like a lot, so you can easily enjoy the charms of student life and do not worry about nonsense.

6 months before the defense of the master’s thesis

“Time passes, time goes by, every moment is forgotten.” – the words of this iconic song are great here, right? In short: you only have six months left until the final confrontation with the examination board. During this period, your thesis is usually heard by a supervisor who slowly begins to require tangible effects of the literary activity of the student. You do not have to worry about it, because in many cases you can get an entry in the index in exchange for a short work schedule and admission. PikuĊ›, you’re doing it in one evening. The entry is final? Great, you have to be brilliant and you can write in a month.

Three months before the defense of the master’s thesis

Total shock, every student from your year has already done something! Well, but since others have started and already have something, it can not be worse. You get 100 bonus points for mobilization and regularity and run to the library with an ambitious plan to create a bibliography and write at least half of the diploma thesis. After three days of absence, your friends report missing to the police. Fortunately, you quickly find yourself in the library, covered with hundreds of books. Time passes inexorably …

Two months before the defense of the master’s thesis

Two months before the defense, the biggest problem of last year’s students is awakening to life: a ruthless promoter. From a nice and trusting man he transforms into someone else completely and becomes extremely demanding, and in the nooks and crannies of his desk he finds a list of your promises! He asks tricky questions, where there are chapters completed “for next Monday”, bibliography, studies, etc. All elements of your diploma thesis are to be immediately checked and accepted.

What to do? You must finally collect and write a “master’s degree”. Within two months you are demonstrating superhuman determination, strong will and ambition. A long and blissful dream, which previously formed an inseparable part of your life, becomes something unnecessary and marginal.

Dozens of hours spent in the library and over the computer keyboard make the thesis work faster than the highway in the People’s Republic of China. A day passes, the second, third and fourth … until suddenly – work is over! With undisguised pride, you bring the effect of your titanic work to the promoter who, with equally undisguised amazement, begins to browse through the pages. The signature of the promoter and the annotation “Accepted” indicates that the effort and effort were not in vain.

Judgment Day, or defense of the Master’s thesis

Master’s thesis finished, accepted and given to the dean’s office. The time was right then to defend her. It’s only a formality, but there are three important issues to keep in mind:

Contrary to appearances, you do not need to collect shields and armor for defense.

Questions regarding the subject of the diploma thesis will not be a challenge for us – after all, you spent two months on its creation and the topic is well known to you.

There are usually nice people in the committee – if you have a problem with stress, you can count on little help from them.

Do you still think that you have a lot of time to finish your master’s thesis?